Call 24/7 For Free Case Assessment (270) 679-0777

Call 24/7 For Free Case Assessment (270) 679-0777

Worried About How Divorce Will Impact Your Financial Future? Attorney Tim Hendrix Is Here To Help.

“If you are facing divorce, it’s normal to be concerned about how the division of marital property will affect your financial well-being. I’ve assisted countless people like you preserve their wealth and safeguard their assets during divorce. Give me a call today, and let’s start working toward a positive outcome for your case. Your peace of mind and financial security are my top priorities.“

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You Deserve To Work With A Board-Certified Property Division Attorney In Kentucky.

Protect Your Property From Divorce With Us In Three Simple Steps


Document Your Assets:

We’ll meticulously inventory everything you own, ensuring that none of your valuable assets slip through the cracks and are exposed to vulnerability during the divorce process.


Obtain Financial Records:

Whether you and your spouse have joint or separate accounts, it’s crucial to know exactly where your finances stand. Our team will help you gather critical documents detailing the status of your bank accounts, taxes, stocks, and beyond.


Work With A Trusted Attorney:

Don’t face the complexities of divorce alone. Our experienced family law firm will guide you through Kentucky’s equitable distribution laws, advocating for your best interest and securing the best possible outcome during the division of property and assets.

Our Team Is Standing By, Ready To Help You…

Keep What’s Rightfully Yours

Avoid Lengthy Court Battles

Protect Your Hard-Earned Wealth

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Don’t Take Our Word For It, Discover What Our Clients Have To Say

“Tim has been a fantastic guide in helping my son gain access to his child. He walked us through the process, gave us advice on what to do as we pursued our rights, and gave my son a frank boot to the head to put him in the right frame of mind going into mediation. He promptly answered any and all questions put to him via the online system, and made time for quick questions in person. With his help, we completed a very difficult process and could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend his services, and believe him to be worth so much more than he charges.”

– Gordon S.

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Say goodbye to the uncertainty of divorce and take control of your exposure to marital asset division today. The path toward a bright future starts right here.

Reach out to our divorce law firm in Bowling Green to schedule your exclusive consultation, completely free of charge.


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