Make a Good Decision. Hire Tim Hendrix, Attorney at Law

Providing DUI defense, vehicle accident support and divorce negotiations in Bowling Green, KY

Tim Hendrix is an experienced attorney in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

He is a trained negotiator and litigator who will help to solve any of your legal matters that involve:

Criminal Law: DUI cases, capital murder, rape, burglary, drug, assault, theft, misdemeanors, arson, attempted murder, robbery, trafficking, organized crime, probation motions and more.

Personal Injury: Personal vehicle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, property damage, and lost wages.

Family Law: Divorce, child support, child custody, abuse or neglect charges and domestic violence.

Committed to successful results

Tim Hendrix is dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome. He will take on your case even before indictment. If you fear that you might be a suspect, contact Tim Hendrix, Attorney at Law. While waiting on charges, he’ll help you deal with other pressing matters, such as financial burdens and insurance concerns. Call today at 270-790-9717 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.