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“Tim is a hard worker. I’ve seen him do really good things in Circuit Court. Would recommend.”– Timothy Stevenson, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse Tim. We frequently practiced cases while I was a prosecutor and he was a criminal defense attorney. Tim was always professional, knowledgeable, tough, and committed to his clients.”– Isaac Fain, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Tim works hard for his clients. He researches the law and argues passionately. He has the right mix of intelligence and client-centered representation which make him extremely effective.”– Brent Cox, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Tim is a thoughtful and earnest professional focused on solving his client’s problems in an effective way. He fights hard for the defendants he represents, and treats them with dignity and fairness. I endorse this lawyer.” – Ryan Reed, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Tim is smart, hard working and a first class attorney. He seeks and achieves good results for his clients.”– Deno Capello, Personal Injury Attorney

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