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“Great Criminal Attorney – He makes sure that you understand everything about your case, keeps everything confidential, makes sure you completely understand what is being stated in your case, very knowledgeable of criminal law. I would hire him again if ever needed & highly recommend anyone to call him.”– Katherine.

“I’ve always heard good things about him and now I know why.. Very encouraging and informative… He’s a winner.”– Jennifer.

“While caring for my wife,her daughter placed an order against me keeping me from seeing my wife. Mr Hendrix got the order dismissed . I was very grateful.”– Steven.

“Tim has went above and beyond to help me with my custody case. He always made himself available for questions, day and night, which made me feel more at ease during this process. He’s very thoughtful and takes your feelings into consideration when fighting for what you want and/or what you need but he is also straightforward and tells you things that you need to hear when needed. He makes sure you understand every corner of the situation and doesn’t try to rush you through things just to get done with your case. He takes time to make sure that you really understand what’s going on. I love that whenever I have a question over my case he’s there to answer quickly.”– Katie T.

“Tim has been a tremendous help going through custody battle and divorce! He has been there late at night for me with some tough questions I really needed answers to! He continuously fights to make sure I get all I want and deserve! Thank you Tim for being the best!”– Charity S.

“Tim has gone out of his way to make sure that sure that all of our question are answered and that everything is done fairly. He responds quickly to messages and phone calls. He never acts like we are bothering him. Hands down he is the best family lawyer!”– Julia E.

“Tim has been a fantastic guide in helping my son gain access to his child. He walked us through the process, gave us advice on what to do as we pursued our rights, and gave my son a frank boot to the head to put him in the right frame of mind going into mediation. He promptly answered any and all questions put to him via the online system, and made time for quick questions in person. With his help, we completed a very difficult process and could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend his services, and believe him to be worth so much more than he charges.”– Gordon S.

“I would highly recommend Tim Hendrix. He represents my son with his criminal matter and has been honest and supportive. He communicates with us honestly and frequently. I like the email system he has that keeps us up to date on court dates and important matters. Very reasonable and appreciate all he has done.”– Joe W.

“Superb Attorney – My father was an attorney, he passed away 2 years ago. If he were alive today, he would approve of Mr. Hendrix 100%. Mr Hendrix is straight forward, kind and honest. Mr. Hendrix is currently working my divorce and custody, I could not be happier. I will not hire another attorney as long as Mr. Hendrix is practicing.”– Julian.

“Prompt, professional, and efficient.”– Dad V.

“Definitely got a great outcome!”– Kiona S.

“Very professional, highly intelligent, answered all my questions. Would highly recommend.”– Rhiannon V.

“Answered my question and gave me a good tip recommend if need good lawyer.”– Randy D.

“Got everything I asked for and more! Very down to earth and does his job well!”– Maria W.

“Great guy!!! Helped me thru my divorce and always answered any questions I had quickly.”– Victor B.

“Did a wonderful job for my son .Best lawyer I have ever seen. Would time anybody call him if u need a great lawyer in your life.THANK U AGAIN !!!!!!!”– Donna G.

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