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Under What Circumstances Do We See Relative Or Kinship Adoptions?

Relative or kinship adoptions, including fictive kin adoptions such as step-parent adoptions, are prevalent scenarios. Often, these arise when biological parents, grappling with personal issues, leave their children with relatives. What starts as temporary care extends over time, leading relatives to assume a de facto custodian role. This status enables them to seek official adoption.

In cases of both parents’ unexpected demise, an emergency action initiates the process. After establishing custody and the child’s stable residence, relatives may consider adoption, typically after a 90-day period. However, without an established parental relationship, relatives cannot adopt based on familial ties alone.

The process is complex. Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement, for instance, can complicate family member adoptions. While relatives might wish to adopt, CPS decisions can prioritize other placements, making it a challenging path to adoption.

Can One Or Both Birth Parents Remain Involved In A Relative Or Kinship Adoption In Kentucky, Or Are Parental Rights Terminated When A Relative Adopts A Child?

Upon adoption, the parental rights of the child’s biological parents or custodians are typically terminated. The exception is in step-parent adoptions, where the spouse of the adopting step-parent retains their parental rights.

The impact on family ties varies. Courts prioritize the child’s best interests, often maintaining significant family relationships. However, in non-step-parent adoptions, the legal shift to new adoptive parents often results in a complete break from biological relatives. The situation in step-parent and relative adoptions can be different, maintaining existing family connections depending on the pre-adoption circumstances.

Who Qualifies For Relative Adoption In Kentucky?

Eligibility for relative adoption in Kentucky requires being a state resident, at least 18 years old, and having a substantial, established relationship with the child. In urgent cases, such as sudden parental incapacity, relatives can initiate an emergency action, laying the groundwork for potential adoption.

What Is The Process For Relative Adoption?

Relative adoption, including fictive kin, differs from other adoptions in that it bypasses the need for involvement from child welfare agencies or private placement facilities. To proceed, relatives must demonstrate a significant connection and caretaking role with the child. However, legal guidance is crucial in navigating this process, assessing the relationship’s adequacy, and fulfilling the necessary legal requirements.

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